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Agenda 1: Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry on International Health Issues
The chokehold that pharmaceutical companies have on economies and governments of countries across the world have become more troublesome in the recent years with these large conglomerates forcing policies in Congress and Parliaments throughout the world. The effect of this “lobbying” is ultimately borne by the consumer, in this case, a sick man who doesn’t have enough money to treat himself. It is high time that the largest health organization in the world and steps in to form policies in order to curb the influence of the pharmaceutical industries.

Agenda 2: Access to Medicines in Developing Countries
It is really disappointing to know that although the medicines have bene developed, due to wars, political unrest or other reasons, millions of people do not have access to the medicines that they so desperately need. It has long been the mandate of the World Health Organization to improve research and development as well as distribution and access to the medicines to all developing and war-torn nations.

Model WHO

Topiwala National Medical College introduces Model WHO designed specifically for medical students for the first time in India. For a weekend, shed the comfortable robes of academia and take up the globe’s greater health crisis from swollen refugee camps to the Ebola virus. We invite you to play the role of the United Nations’ public arm. The aim of this event is to educate students about the world health affairs which an active learning tool. It is one thing to talk about the lack of access to trained nurses in West Africa but another completely to draft a plan that addresses that lack.

As Follows

1) Participants will need to register at the earliest so that allotment of the countries and various spectator Non-Governmental Organizations can begin.
2) Participants will be allotted countries according to their previous familiarity with the Model UN procedures and bylaws.
3) Amateurs and Professionals alike are welcome to attend this conference as no-one will feel left out
4) If a participant is unhappy with his/her allotted country, the Chair, may, at his discretion, change this allotment at any time before the start of the committee session.
5) Proper decorum will be maintained and parliamentary procedures will be enforced while committee is in session.

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Prizes to be Won

1) The Best Delegate and the Bloc which comes up with the strongest resolution which passes the committee would be authors of the said resolution which would be submitted to the WHO for posting on their bulletin.

2) Medals would be awarded for the Best Delegate and the Outstanding Delegates only.

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